Carlos Cotallo Solares

Composer and Improviser


Carlos Cotallo Solares is a Spanish composer and performer currently living in Philadelphia. His work deals with subjects like quotation, the relationship between music and language, meter and tempo polyphony, and improvisation. His pieces often focus on a single concept or technique that is interpreted in multiple ways.


His music has been performed in festivals in the US (Oh My Ears Festival, MOXsonic, Seamus National Conference, NYC Electroacoustic Music Festival, SCI National Conference, National Student Electronic Music Event, Electronic Music Midwest) Germany (International Summer Courses for New Music Darmstadt, Mehrklang, Crescendo), Spain (Ciclo de Música Actual), and Finland (Time of Music). He has worked with ensembles such as the JACK Quartet, handwerk, Accroche Note, Duo Contour, Ensemble Chronophonie, POING, Ensemble Container, Ensemble Alarm, Ensemble Kuraia, and Black Forest Percussion Group.


His audiovisual collaborations with the filmmaker Timothy David Orme have been presented in film festivals in the US, Colombia, the UK, and Greece. He also produces and performs experimental rock music under the name Black Stork and is a member of the free-improvisation trio Wombat.


In 2019, Carlos finished a PhD in composition at the University of Iowa, completing previously a Master's degree at the Universität der Künste in Berlin and a Bachelor's degree at the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg.