Carlos Cotallo Solares

Composer and Improviser



Improvisers Justin K. Comer (saxophones), Carlos Cotallo Solares (guitar/electronics), and Will Yager (double bass) formed Wombat in October 2017. Together they explore new sonic textures and instrumental techniques in concert halls, coffee shops, and backyards. Though the performances are never planned beforehand, the trio's music is influenced by their collective experience with contemporary art music, noise, jazz, metal, and drone. Recent appearances include Oh My Ears Festival (Phoenix, AZ), MOXsonic (Warrensburg, MO), the Maximum Ames festival (Ames, IA), Composers' Workshops at the University of Iowa, and the Feed Me Weird Things and iHearIC concert series.


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househusbands create improvised electronic music: lucid explorations of rhythm, harmony, and sound. Christopher Burns plays custom software instruments, sculpting microtonal harmonies and subtly flickering drones. Carlos Cotallo Solares uses guitar-driven electronics, layering chiming chords, glitchy rhythms, and echoing squeals of noise. Together they create the domestic space of househusbands - sometimes ferocious and energetic, often hushed and intimate, always personal and distinctive.

Christopher Burns: electronics, Carlos Cotallo Solares: guitar, electronics



Black Stork


Black Stork is the solo rock project of composer and multi-instrumentalist Carlos Cotallo Solares. Although it can take different forms, a combination of metal, hardcore punk, avant-garde, and noise is often present.