Carlos Cotallo Solares

Composer and Improviser

Extreme Metal Studies for pierrot ensemble – commissioned by hand werk


Fake Metal Trees for MalletKAT (2’5”) – commissioned by Lee Ferguson


plano, línea, punto for improviser and video (4’20”) – with Timothy David Orme (animation)


Vestiges for two pianos and stereo playback (10’35”) – commissioned by Johan Treichel


See myself through your eyes, hear yourself through my ears for string orchestra and jazz band (14’30”) – commissioned by the Music School of the Hanseatic City of Lüneburg (Germany) and the C.O.M. Hermanos Berzosa Cáceres (Spain) for the project YX//Change


November Snow video and stereo audio (5’9”) – with Timothy David Orme (animation)


The Age of Oxymorons videos and stereo audio (38’34”) – with Pedro Pitarch (text and illustrations)


Rational Gaze (based on the song by Meshuggah) for six percussionists and trumpet (5’15”) – commissioned by Black Forest Percussion Group


All Together Now for five performers and mono playback (3’) – selected for the Civitasolis Reed Quintet’s Call for Reed Quintet Miniatures 2020


Beethoven Interludes for piano, cello, video, and stereo playback (15’) – with Lourdes Germain (video)


Lines, Dots, Clouds, Pulses, Lines for three or more improvisers (≈15’)


Ouroboros for microphones, cables, mixing board and speakers (≈10’)

Extreme Metal Study for virtual drum-set and group of performers (4’) – premiered by Ensemble Accroche Note


generations 3.1 for improvisers, chamber orchestra, video, and stereo audio (16’) – with Timothy David Orme (animation)


Crash music for dancers and live electronics (20’) – with Christopher-Rasheem McMillan (choreography) – hosted by the College of Engineering, the National Advanced Driving Simulator, and the Department of Dance at the University of Iowa, and supported by the Obermann Center for Advanced Studies, UI Office of the Vice President for Research, and the Virginia A. Myers NEXUS of Engineering and the Arts


generations 2.1 for improvisers and video (7’30”) – with Timothy David Orme (animation)


generations 1.1 video and stereo audio (7’30”) – with Timothy David Orme (animation)


Allemande for string quartet (7’)


Cerulean for microtonal trumpet with or without malletKAT accompaniment (3’) – commissioned by Stephen Altoft 


generations 0 stereo audio (7’30”)


Overdubs for piano and live electronics (8’)


Loud Soft Music / Soft Loud Music for one or more improvisers and live electronics (≈10’)


Obscenes for pierrot ensemble, conductor, objects, and live electronics (13’)


Sonant video and stereo audio (3’15”) – with Timothy David Orme (animation)


Cartwheeling video and stereo audio (3’50”) – with Timothy David Orme and Dominik Schults (animation)


Karellen for string quartet, four-channel audio, and four-channel click track (15’) – premiered by JACK quartet


Decay for chamber orchestra (4’)

Allemande for baritone saxophone, accordion, and double bass (7’) – premiered by POING


Still Here for organ (5’)


Cruces for oboe, bass clarinet, piano, and three percussionists (8’15”) – commissioned by Ensemble Container 


Voices from the Somme interactive sound installation


Three Canons for string quartet (9’) – premiered by JACK quartet 


Speed for stereo audio and two dancers (3’)


Moscas/Flies/Mouches for three percussionists (≈10’)


Nochenca for solo flute (2’)


Rondo for sax and stereo audio (4’30”)


El Arzobispo de Constantinopla eight-channel audio (8’)


Canon for string quartet (3’30”)


Interrupted collaborative work for dance, video, and stereo audio (30’)


18-19/09/15 for piano solo (3’)


Branch for percussion quartet (8’)


Books, Grains, Scissors stereo audio (3’40”)


Glass stereo audio (10’05”)


Sorry, Audrey for two clapping performers (4’30”)


Lead for three instruments (10’)


Variations on a theme by Schumann for cello and stereo audio (13’10”)


Azerty for voice and live electronics (12’30”)


Concatenation for six instruments (6’30”) – selected for the 2014 Felix Mendelsohn Bartholdy Competition and the 2014 Hanns Eisler Composers’ Forum 


Mountain Survival for one instrument (around 2’) – commissioned by Ensemble Chronophonie and hand werk 


Capriccio for harpsichord (4’30”)


Drums Only for drum set (5’) – commissioned by Teresa Grebtchenko


Mango for electric guitar, bass guitar, and drum-set (7’30”)


Oboe und Elektronik for oboe and stereo audio (5’30”)


Rückenfigur for flute, trumpet, vibraphone, and video (11’40”) – premiered by Ensemble Chronophonie 


Pause Deluxe for accordion, recorder, lute, and three cars (≈20’) – commissioned by Ensemble Alarm 


Adaptation of “Shelter” by Alvin Lucier for car, microphone, and delay (10’)


Dash Dot for one cymbal (8’)


Suite für solo Geige for violin solo (6’)


Tangram for electric violin, electric guitar, bass guitar, and electronics (8’45”)


Was in einer großen Stadt draufgeht stereo audio (3’20”)


Music for the film “Even – As you and I” stereo audio and video (12’) – film by Roger Barlow, Harry Hay and LeRoy Robbins 


Canard Digérateur for violin, viola, and cello (5’50”)


Music for the film “Bob” stereo audio and video (9’10”) – film by Chuck Close 


Music for scenes from “Fando y Lis” stereo audio and video (16’) – film by Alejandro Jodorowsky


Persona stereo audio (12’10”)